Standing up against the Anonymous Legion.

Well done.

You’ve effectively posted a war threat against Singapore. A civil war to tear this nation apart.

The TRS claims to be the voices of the average Singaporean.

I am Singaporean.

I too, believe that the government has areas in which improvement is needed.

However, the last thing I would want is for Singapore to be at war. Be it with other countries or war within the country, this is absolutely unnecessary. I’ve heard Singaporeans say that we don’t even need NS because Singapore is so safe and secure and our government will never let us go to war. Then why would our very own Singaporeans want to undermine the very peace and security that bonds us?

This act of aggression should not go unnoticed. We should NOT support this movement.

Regardless of political affiliation or preference, I strongly believe we value something over politics:

This social fabric we have worked so hard to build.

This act of aggression is uncalled for and seeks to tear us apart. The video seems so obvious that it is madeĀ  by someone who is not Singaporean. Should we support such a cause that may not even the voice of a Singaporean? Should we support a foreign source who is trying to tear this country, which we have worked so hard to build, apart?

Remember, remember the safety and stability we enjoy now.

Don’t take it for granted.

For there are many around us who seek to destroy us.