9 areas Singapore needs more practice in according to #sylvialogic

1. War: So that SAF will get more combat practice

2. Engaging in corrupt activities: So that CPIB will get more practice in solving corruption cases (since we are the one of the least corrupt countries in the world)

3. Water shortages: So that PUB can get more practice in resolving water shortages and we get more practice in water rationing

4. Haze: Since Haze hasn’t hit us this year, we may be out of practice giving out masks..

5. Electricity shortages: So that SP services can get more practice in finding electrical faults and we can get used to surviving without electricity until it’s fixed.

6. Internet failures: So that telcos can get more practice and we can learn to live without internet.

7. Terrorist attacks: So that our defense forces can learn to react fast, because simulations just aren’t enough.

8. Crimes: So that our police force can get more practice catching criminals (since we have one of the lowest crime rates in the world)

9. Medical emergencies like SARS: So that our medical professionals will be more well-equipped to handle such situations and our bodies will have more immunity to ensure we can tahan through the crisis when it does happen.


Blue Supports Wear White Campaign

Some have slammed the PAP and dubbed them as “homophobic” when speaking up in parliament against the repeal of Section 377A of the Penal Code. PAP MPs have taken policy¬† and legislative stances about managing the LGBT community in Singapore, but a Worker’s Party MP openly supporting a campaign that is opposing Pink Dot, is a different story all together. He has taken a stance that is more than a policy or legislative stance, he has taken a stance on principle.

The purpose of Pink Dot, beyond it’s agenda to advocate for the repeal of 377A, is fundamentally to show support for the LGBTQ community in Singapore and to appeal for acceptance.To oppose this on religious grounds would mean to encourage the discrimination of these individuals.

For all those hoping that in the next election they can vote for opposition so that someone will speak out in parliament for them on LGBT rights to have 377A repealed, I think they can forget it now. They have shown themselves to be homophobic and intolerant of other sexualities.

Despite saying that it has nothing to do with party stand, I disagree. What he does as a WP MP is representative of WP’s stand, especially since he is supposed to be the minority representation in his GRC.

Hence, this Worker’s Party MP has taken a stance, a stance that discriminates individuals and their right to plea for acceptance by the society. He has taken a stance to deny these individuals the right to engage other non-LGBTQ citizens and lobby for support on this matter. He has taken a stance that is more than a policy or legislative stance, he has taken a stance on principle. A principle that the religious community should exercise their right to deny others of the ability to lobby for support for a minority group simply because of their beliefs.