Hong Lim Park Protesters Heckle Special Needs Children from YMCA

“The police should allow for more peaceful protests in Singapore, so that the police can practice their policing capabilities. We don’t want to damage public property or loss of lives, but peaceful protests are arguably a freedom of speech and a civil liberty we want to protect.” She (Sylvia Lim) said.

Well today, there wasn’t a damage to public property or a loss of lives as a result of a “peaceful protest”, but a severe blow to the morale of children and a loss in my faith in humanity. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, have a look here.

We may have our grievances with the government or even with the PAP, but to go so far as to implicate children in these political activities and go so far as to prevent them from continuing with their performance, it’s nothing short of despicable.

These children are doing something positive for the community, they were having a charity event for the elderly and special needs children. Yet, they couldn’t put their political agenda aside for one day and instead went ahead to victimize the children by protesting loudly even as the children were performing. The organizers claim to be pro Singaporean and to be speaking up for Singaporeans. They seem to be doing the exact opposite. All the effort the children put in, only to be distracted by the disrespectful shouts of the protesters.

You’re upset, I get it. But don’t take it out on innocent children.

To all the Singaporeans out there who don’t want to be falsely represented by these hooligans, this is the time to speak out against them!

I reserve this word for situations like this.

This, is Malarkey.