The PAP Spirit – With you, for you, for Singapore

The PAP spirit shone through during nomination day, where PAP and opposition supporters gathered at the various nomination centres to support their candidates. There was more drama at some places than others, but how it was handled reflected the true spirit of the PAP candidates and supporters.

With You


PAP supporter holds umbrella for Mr Chiam See Tong. Source: Yahoo Singapore

Heartwarming moment when a PAP supporter held an umbrella for Mr Chiam See Tong, Singapore People’s Party Secretary General. Mr Chiam will not be able to run this elections, but was nonetheless there to support his candidates running on behalf of his party. He is one of the most respected opposition MPs in Singapore, and fiercely against the PAP while he was an MP.

The bottomline is this: Kindness transcends party lines. 

The PAP will continue to stand with you, even when we don’t agree, even if we are from different parties, even when we are opponents.

For you

“Even if you jeer us, we will improve your lives … because we believe in Singapore!”: Ng Eng Hen 

The PAP will continue to work for you to improve lives in Singapore, There are going to be many naysayers, there are going to be many tough choices to be made, but these tough choices will be made in the interest of Singaporeans. Even when people jeer, especially if they jeer. This is what constructive politics is all about, keeping focus and not letting distractions distract you from the goal – serving Singaporeans.

For Singapore

PAP helps rivals to avoid disqualification. Source: Today

PAP helps rivals to avoid disqualification.
Source: Today

An error was spotted by one of the PAP activists in the RP nomination papers in West Coast GRC. He informed Mr Iswaran and he subsequently decided to let the reform party know about the error.

“We want to make sure that the voters of West Coast GRC have a choice. We want to have a fair fight and let the voters choose. I think the RP appreciated the fact that we highlighted this to them and they rectified it,” Mr Iswaran said.

A similar incident happened in Yuhua SMC. How graceful of Grace Fu to point it out to SDP. #NoPunIntended

Minister in PMO Grace Fu, who is the incumbent Member of Parliament for Yuhua SMC, said: “We noted it after it was pasted on the board. So, we highlighted to them and asked them to rectify it. It’s a technical issue and we didn’t want to make it a big issue. We thought the contest would be much better than to have them disqualified.”

These incidents really show that the PAP has the heart for Singapore and Singaporeans. They could have easily not helped and had a walkover and saved themselves 9 days of campaigning. Instead, they helped the opposition parties so that they could put up a good fight, all in the best interests of Singaporeans. This is the true spirit of sportsmanship!

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