Please tolong, investigate. Not for PAP, for the people.

Seen on Facebook:

“I wish the Worker’s Party would investigate thoroughly and inform the public the truth; not because the PAP asked for it, but for the people who put hope on WP to be better than PAP.
Otherwise, one would be left with this uncomfortable conclusion: that, sometimes, when WP MPs attack PAP’s ethical failures, it’s not because they believe in the high road themselves, but because they think they have exclusive rights to the low.”

It is time to put aside political agendas. This town council issue is more than a political issue. It is an issue of trust and integrity.

Lets put people before politics.


Mud slinging from the dirty ceiling

WP deserves three D’s for this one:
1. Dishonesty
2. Distracting
3. Discombobulating

I hope we won’t be blind to the facts. Our country needs people who can make objective and correct decisions about our future. Not stoop to personal attacks when all the facts are against you.

No one is digging up dirt on our dear WP MPs on purpose. But when the facts are out, it’s time to do the RIGHT thing.

What’s wrong with saying sorry? What a lack of integrity! Who wants such leaders in Singapore? Have you ever heard them apologize for a mistake they have committed? At least the PAP does so. All the WP does is to keep silent! ( if they’re not silent, they’re drawing disrespectful pictures )

Eh, your politics clean or not?

“Bear in mind that just putting on a safety belt and hope that the driver will drive you to your destination is not enough. A co-driver is essential, especially as road gets tougher to navigate. The co-driver is there to slap the driver when he drives off course or when he falls asleep or drives dangerously.”

– Mr Low Thia Kiang (GE2011)

A co-driver will always remain a co-driver when he has been proven incapable of driving himself.

This issue is a political issue, and those who brought it up to begin with knew very well. Hoping to score political points by bringing up such an issue in parliament? Hmm wonder if that’s becoming of a “first world politician”.

“What I gather from the whole episode is the misunderstanding between Annual cleaning and Spring cleaning..” – Mr Low, in his parliamentary speech.

Well, whatever cleaning, shouldn’t it be free? That is irrelevant whether it is Annual Cleaning or Spring cleaning. As long as it’s under your town council’s charge, why should hawkers be made to pay for it to be done?

Nonetheless, they say that we should all move on from this episode and focus on more pertinent issues. How? When there are so many question marks hanging over our heads. The statement issued by the Workers Party is simply unsatisfactory. Dr Vivian, unfortunately Mr Low has not heeded your advice to go back and find out what’s gone wrong. “We have put forth the facts as we have found them, based on our own earlier investigations.”  

Looks like “We do not find it productive to continue debating and arguing with the ruling party over this issue.” means we do not see the potential to score anymore political points here, so let’s just leave the issue hanging.

When the statement from the PMO was released, people say why they bully others, take out big guns to whack the poor fella. Here’s the thing, why do we cut the opposition so much slack? Why are they not subject to the same criticism as the Government? I feel that it is in no way an over reaction. By not coming forth to clarify, Mr Low has allowed “these grave doubts about the integrity of his fellow MPs unresolved. This is not how members of a First World Parliament should conduct themselves. Neither is this the sort of politics Singapore needs.”